Wanting to get into the Christmas spirit and also get more playtime out of your fancy Nintendo Labo VR Kit in equal measure? Well, you've certainly found the right place.

Nintendo has released a new - and free - VR game for its Labo VR Kit on Switch. Simply called 'Christmas', the game has appeared on the Japanese version of the Nintendo Labo news channel accessible via your console's home menu - expect it to also appear on that very same news channel across Europe and North America soon.

According to Japanese Nintendo, the game has you controlling Santa himself and entering a chimney. You can move around with the control stick, jump with the 'A' button, and roll with the 'B' button.


Of course, the Labo news channel has provided VR owners with plenty of free games in the past, too. They're usually quick and simple affairs, but also provide inspiration for making your own games - all of these free titles use the very same game-making software provided to players.

Fancy giving this one a go? Tell us below.