Labo VR

Nintendo has released another minigame for the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, seemingly aiming to give buyers new ways to play and inspiration to create their own masterpieces.

This third release is called Sushi Board and appears to involve a cute little robot who needs to head off on a journey to collect fish (and presumably dish up some sushi as a result). It joins the giant monster and alien bopping games which have appeared over the last few weeks.


If you own the Nintendo Labo VR Kit and want to check out these games for yourself, you can do so by heading to the 'News' section of your Nintendo Switch home screen. Simply press 'Y' to open up the channel list, find the Toy-Con Workshop channel, and visit one of the articles listed. From there, you can download the games mentioned and give them a go with your VR headset.

Have you been playing around with Nintendo's VR kit? Have you managed to create any games of your own? Let us know in the comments below.