In October, Niantic announced it would roll out the Wayfarer Tool to improve the overall experience its augmented reality games provided. This included support for the popular mobile title, Pokémon GO.

It was launched a few days ago, but due to the overwhelming response from the player base, Niantic has now had to temporarily disable PokéStop and Gym contributions. Here's the full announcement, via Twitter:

If you're not familiar with the 'Niantic Wayfarer' tool, it allows players (Wayfinders) to nominate and review new points-of-interest in the game. The goal, as previously explained, is to "inspire others to discover new places and things" and "highlight the positive and unique qualities of a place or community" – such as museums, art installations to historical markers.

It also means Wayspots won't be placed on unsafe locations, private property or the grounds of schools. The rating system (see video above) is how Wayfinders review points-of-interest and decide whether or not they should be added to a Niantic game. These submissions are accessible to players who have reached level 40.

There's no word about when exactly Niantic plans to relaunch PokéStop and Gym contributions, but when it does it will provide an update via its social channels. To read the full guidelines about contributions, head over to the official Niantic website.

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