Ever found yourself in an odd spot or dangerous location while playing Pokémon GO? Perhaps you're just sick of visiting the same old landmarks? Well, Niantic has announced it will soon be rolling out a new tool to help improve the overall experience in its augmented reality games.

The "Niantic Wayfarer" will essentially recruit Niantic Wayfinders who then nominate and review new points-of-interest. The goal is to apparently "inspire others to discover new places and things" and "highlight the positive and unique qualities of a place or community" – such as museums, art installations to historical markers.

It also means there shouldn't be any Wayspots in unsafe locations, on private property or on the grounds of schools. Wayspots impacted by seasons will also be avoided. The rating system is how Wayfinders review new points-of-interest and decide whether or not they should be added to a Niantic game. For the full rundown, check out the video above.

Do you like the idea of nominating and reviewing Wayspots? Still playing POGO? Leave a comment below.

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