We're always jealous of the stores, restaurants, and pretty much everything else available to Nintendo fans in Japan, and today's no different.

The country's Pokémon Cafes are getting new Sword and Shield-themed menu items, both of which are set to be available from 18th January 2020 for a limited time. The chefs are getting pretty creative too, cooking up a Galarian Weezing dish which is a pancake in a blueberry sauce, and a Morpeko plate featuring an omelette with two different sauces.

Of course, Sword and Shield's starter Pokémon have already been represented. These Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble dishes were first made available on the day of the games' launch - 15th November.


These boring sandwiches we've brought in for lunch are looking pretty miserable compared to all of these delights. Anyone fancy taking a lunch trip to Japan?

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[source pokemoncenter-online.com, via nintendowire.com]