Ninjala has been in the making for a number of years now. When the "bubblegum ninjutsu" shooter does finally arrive on Switch, GungHo Online Entertainment expects it to satisfy all skill levels.

Here's exactly what GungHo President Kazuki Morishita had to say during a recent interview with Nikkei:

People of all ages can have fun as if they're playing grass-lot baseball, and the additional content will be very satisfying to seasoned gamers.

Morishita went onto explain how the game is similar to e-sports and anticipates a positive response when it is finally released in Spring 2020, due to the buzz it has generated at expos so far.

Right now, 40% of GungHo's revenue is from overseas markets and Morishita is hoping this figure will improve when Ninjala launches.

I hope we can raise it to 70%

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