Remember last month when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai said the all-star fighting game was for "good boys and girls of many different ages" when he explained why Mai Shiranui from SNK's Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series wasn't featured.

While she might not have made the cut in Nintendo's brawler on Switch alongside Terry Bogard, over in Japan she'll soon be receiving her very own "all ages" event and pop-up shop (from 26th December 2019 until 9th January 2019) to celebrate her birthday.

Mai was born on 1st January 1974, which means she's technically in her mid-'40s now. Despite this, her age in-game tends to be around 19-25 years old.

The special limited-time shop will be located at The Akihabara Container in Tokyo and includes a range of different products featuring Mai on them. There'll be cheaper items like SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy pins, Mai posters, towels, t-shirts, and more expensive items like special artwork. Individuals who spend over 6,000 yen will get Shiranui rice with Mai's face on it, and a 10,000 yen purchase on Mai's birthday scores you a Mai tote bag.

Below is a look at some of the items up for grabs (you can view the rest on

Mai Shirt
Mai Panel
Mai Fan
Mai Tote Bag
Mai Shiranui Rice
SNK Acrylic Stands
Mai's birthday event

Feel free to wish Mai a happy birthday in the comments below.

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