Pokemon GO

One gripe we've had with Pokémon GO since it was released, is that there's never enough storage space for all of the Pokémon you catch and items you obtain. As more updates have been released, it's only become more difficult to store it all.

With Niantic adding new Pokémon and items to the popular augmented mobile game on a regular basis, it's realised trainers might be in need of yet another storage upgrade. That's why it's decided to expand Pokémon storage to 3,000 slots, and bag upgrades mean you can now hold up to 2,500 items.

In Pokémon GO, you start out with 300 slots for Pokémon and a bag that is able to hold 350 items. Unless you're an avid player, you're unlikely to be in need of the latest storage upgrades. The cost of each upgrade remains the same – 200 PokéCoins to hold 50 more items, and 200 PokéCoins for 50 more slots.

Is this the storage upgrade you've been waiting for? Comment below.

[source pokemongohub.net]