There's a new tactical RPG coming to Switch in 'early 2020' and it's taking us back to World War II. Broken Lines takes place in a different World War II, though; an alternate WWII. How exactly it differs from the established history and timeline isn't outlined in the official press release (maybe Old Biff travelled back even further?), but we assume it factors into the story significantly in this self-described 'narrative-driven tactics game'.

Alternate or not, you control a group of soldiers following a plane crash which leaves them stranded behind enemy lines. Rather than the standard turn-based combat of most tactics RPGs, Broken Lines has players engage in 'turn-based planning' and those instructions are then executed simultaneously leading to events on the battlefield unfolding more unpredictably, we imagine.

It seems that the 'mysterious' enemy troops you're fighting will be only half the battle, as soldiers also struggle to manage their inner demons, as referenced in the official blurb:

In this alternate version of WWII, enemies are both mysterious military units and the soldiers’ own hopes and fears as they confront the mental and physical horrors of war during their struggle to return to friendly territory. Broken Lines combines a tactical-RPG playstyle with a “pause and play” format. This offers players more fluid and realistic gameplay with the action automatically pausing when new dangers appear, allowing the player to respond to the new tactical situation.

With hard details light on the ground, the above trailer (which clearly shows PC gameplay) and screenshots are left to do the heavy lifting. There's no shortage of great strategy and tactics games on Switch, and we won't have long to wait to find out if Broken Lines joins that illustrious company when it releases early next year.

Like the look of what you see? Let us know below if Broken Lines tickles your tactics bone.