Pokémon plushes are big business these days, with official options and a seemingly never-ending stream of Build-A-Bear promotions. We've also had some pretty huge teddy bears to contend with, but nothing beats the home-made approach – and we have to say, we're quite jealous of the man firmly ensconced in that Snorlax in the image above. Look at the utter contentment plastered across his stupid face.

The story goes that this 7-foot, life-sized Snorlax was created by the man's wife's friend – who goes by the name KnotAgainByAmina online – and took three months and "hundreds of dollars in yarn". It cost $1000 plus materials (and that's mate's rates – she normally charges $3,500), which, judging from the guy's infuriatingly serene expression, was worth every single penny.

While that stupidly content guy is indulging in some solo-snuggling in the photo provided, his wife states with some degree of confidence that this big boi is capable of effortlessly enveloping up to three people on his soft tummy. Impressive.

If you simply cannot look at this guy's smug face without bursting into fits of jealousy then you'll be pleased to know that you can actually order one of these yourself.

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