Super Mario Land is one of the most beloved entries in the early Mario canon, despite the fact you can finish it in an evening and it has rather crude visuals, even by Game Boy standards. Still, it was, for many gamers, their first taste of 'Mario-on-the-move', and its gloriously oddball shooter levels, engaging soundtrack and unusual setting have ensured that it has gone down as something of a classic.

What better starting point, then, to form the basis of a special fan-made remaster on the SNES? Dubbed New Super Mario Land, this project has taken the core components of the Game Boy original, given it a lick of paint and even added a multiplayer mode in keeping with the 'New' Super Mario series.

The catch? The developer of the game wishes to remain anonymous and they're refusing to make the ROM publicly available. That's not to say it won't find its way online eventually, but for now, this isn't something you can play on your SNES (or via emulation) – which is a shame, because it looks fantastic.