Over the past few years, we've seen hackers and modders create some pretty impressive pieces of hardware based on existing classic systems. Portable N64s, GameCubes and even Wii Us have come and gone, each one trying to turn a beloved platform into something subtly different.

This latest venture is one of the most eye-catching yet, but we're not entirely sure if we like it or hate it. A talented modder has used the shell of a Super Famicom (SNES to you and me) and turned it into a portable console, complete with controls and screen.

The Super Famicom pad is fused into the middle of the machine, just below the screen. The carts slot into the top of the unit. It looks a bit like a Frankenstein's monster, but in console form.

While it's also not going to win any awards for portability, you've got to take your hat off to the people who do these crazy things.

Thanks to Sam Dyer for the tip!

[source twitter.com]