Portable Wii consoles aren't a new thing – we've seen one that fits inside a coat, lest we forget – but few fan-made mods come as elegantly packaged as this one.

The PiiWii Pocket is the creation of YouTuber Shank Mods, and uses actual Wii internals rather than emulation. It comes with a suite of controls, internal cooling and a rechargeable battery that offers around 4 hours of play – you can even use your Wii Remote with it to play motion-based titles.

Given the size of the unit, the optical media drive has had to go, and the PiiWii instead boots games from a USB thumb drive. The project is the culmination of three years of work, and while it's a shame that we won't be seeing this thing turn up on Amazon in the near future, you have to admire this guy's craft.

It's not the first time he's modded a Wii, either – check out the Kill Mii below.

[source comicbook.com]