We've seen a whole host of weird and wonderful fan-made things over the years here at Nintendo Life, and this latest invention is certain to kickstart the week in the best way possible.

Introducing the Wii U Gaming Coat. Created by My Mate VINCE, this coat allows you to take your precious Wii U anywhere you like, giving you the chance to play a little bit of The Wonderful 101 on a train commute, or even some Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on top of a big hill in the middle of nowhere. The possibilities are endless.

You're not restricted to Gamepad use only, either, as the coat includes a projector attached to the hood to allow for big screen gaming, and placing a sensor bar in a suitable place means that you can even play your favourite Wii games with friends anywhere you like.

'But why would you want to do this when the Switch is already completely portable?', we hear you ask. Well, Vince has you covered there, too: portable Virtual Console.

What do you think? Can you imagine yourself proudly walking around town in your Wii U Gaming Coat? Let us know your thoughts on this brilliantly bonkers project in the comments below.

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