It might look like a regular controller, but it's not!
It might look like a regular controller, but it's not!

Have you ever played a game of Smash Bros. until your hands were numb? Well then, this might be the controller for you. Introducing the hand-warming GameCube pad – an invention by a competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee player known as Morne, who is located in Southern California.

Morne has been working on a prototype for a year now, and last week uploaded a video of Version 1.0. It's the same kind of GameCube controller you're likely familiar with, except that it has internal heating thanks to polymer clay and an external battery pack. The idea came about when another player noticed Morne using an electric hand warmer to get his hands and fingers ready for a battle at a competitive event one day.

While it's still in the early stages, the controller is already able to be recharged with a battery pack or micro USB. Morne himself has tendinitis, so he hopes his invention can help prolong his playtime and result in less pain overall after each fight. The plan is to take a couple of prototypes to Genesis 7 early next year and get some feedback, but he's already working on revisions and considering collaborating with other modders.

If you're curious about potential dangers to the internal components, Morne says insulation should provide enough safety and the external power source means there's no additional drain on the GameCube. Below is the full rundown of Version 1.0:

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