Sonic The Hedgehog

This week, we finally got to see the redesigned version of Sonic the Hedgehog in a new trailer for his upcoming movie.

We even followed this up with a gallery – comparing the original trailer to the new one, to help show the drastic improvements that had been made to the blue blur's design. Part of the change was a pair of new shoes. While the brand is still Puma, these new kicks now actually resemble the ones Sonic wears in the video games.

If you've always wanted to run as fast as Sonic, you might soon be able to. During an exchange on Twitter recently, a Sonic fan asked Puma when Sonic's new movie kicks would be up for pre-order. This was the German footwear company's reply:

Hey, stay tuned to for release updates.

As generic as this might sound, it was seemingly enough to send Sonic fans into a frenzy. Now, all we need is for another brand to distribute his gloves.