Pokémon Sword and Shield are just nine days away from launching on Nintendo Switch and a brand new overview trailer has been released to remind us of what we'll be getting up to on the big day.

It gives us a good look at some of the areas you'll visit during your time in Galar, shows off some of the new Pokémon you'll be meeting, reminds us all about the Dynamax phenomenon, and more. Make sure to give it a watch if you want to get hyped for the games' release.

The very same video actually appeared on the Japanese Pokémon channel with full narration a few days ago, but you'll only understand what's being said if you know Japanese, of course.

As you're probably more than aware by now, the games have seemingly leaked ahead of time. It would appear that unreleased information such as the starter Pokémon's evolutions and indeed the full Pokédex have been shared against the wishes of the game's publishers, so make sure to be careful online if you want to avoid seeing anything before playing them yourself. It has been rumoured that Nintendo has now tracked down at least one prominent leaker, however.

Looking forward to playing these next week? Which version will you be choosing? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.