Pokemon Sword Shield

The recent leak of information relating to Pokémon Sword And Shield certainly wasn't part of Nintendo's grand scheme for promoting the game, but if a recent rumour is to be believed, the company has tracked down the individual responsible.

The report comes from Twitter user KGPrestige, who claims that Nintendo employees have tracked down the leaker because of the profile picture they used on a Discord chat. This profile image was also used on the individual's YouTube channel, which allowed Nintendo to then reach the person's Facebook account, which was linked to the YouTube channel. As we all know, Facebook is big on people using their real-world names, and this is (apparently) how Nintendo bagged the culprit.

Is this story true? Well, it's certainly possible that the person involved was foolish enough to post on Discord without properly masking their identity, and we would imagine that Nintendo would be very interested to learn where they got their copy of the game from.

We'll keep an eye on this story and update it if any other information comes to light.

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