We're just days away from the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch, and all sorts of leaks are appearing all over the internet. We're talking starter evolutions, new Gigantamax forms, and pretty much the full Pokédex - if you want to know something, you can probably find it.

Innocently scrolling through your social media platform of choice can be a nightmare for those looking to avoid new content, so we'd recommend muting certain phrases if you're particularly concerned. Facebook and Instagram are tricky, but Twitter allows you to essentially block any words of your choosing - such as 'Sword and Shield' or 'Pokemon leaks', for example.

From here on out, Nintendo Life will remain a spoiler-free zone throughout the entire pre-release period, so if you're wanting to keep on top of your gaming news without having the new Pokémon titles ruined, feel free to remain glued to our homepage. We will, of course, still share anything officially released by The Pokémon Company and will have a full review of the games for you in due time.

If you've landed on this page in the hope of finding leaks, we're sorry to disappoint, but you can easily find everything with a little bit of searching online.

We do have leeks, though.