Team Yell

Well, it was bound to happen, wasn't it? After the fuss about the Pokédex, recycled animations and much more besides, Pokémon Sword And Shield is getting review-bombed by users on Metacritic.

The game currently has a rating of 81 based on 19 reviews from sites and critics, but the user score currently sits at 3.8, with the overwhelming majority of scores being negative.

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Here are some choice comments:

"This game is not just lazy it actually feels unfinished. Someone needs to tell Game Freak a new entry is supposed to offer something new. This game feels like it came out BEFORE Sun and Moon instead of after. A few new Pokemon and a raid battle gimmick is the entire selling point of this stripped down cashgrab."

"You will see many negative reviews here, none nearly as lengthy as my diatribe. However, recognize that these negative reviews, like mine, come from a place of love and passion for the Pokemon series, and a sense of heartbreak and betrayal over seeing what it has become. To us, we love Pokemon, and in order for it to improve, there needs to be a place for criticism. This is it."

"In short, this game is awful for advanced players, mediocre for casual player and it's desirable that this is nobody's first Pokémon game, least they get the wrong impression. It is the worst Pokémon main duo ever released and the only positive aspects are derived from the standard Pokémon formula. Being understaffed isn't even remotely enough to explain the unacceptable low quality of these games; GameFreak has serious leadership issues."

"This trash heap is the result of complacency, and a lack of effort and dedication. If it had been developed with care and the consumer's satisfaction in mind, it would have been a polished title with a lot of content complementing the new features. Sadly, this is not the case."

"Bugs, no endgame, half pokedex, mediocre graphics, less features than previous games...should i keep talking?"

This isn't the first time that disgruntled gamers have used Metacritic to attack developers and publishers. Both Astral Chain and Fire Emblem: Three Houses were review-bombed recently, although Metacritic did later remove many of the negative user reviews. The last entry in the Pokémon series – Let's Gowas also subject to review-bombing.