PKMN Battle

After Game Freak revealed Pokémon Sword and Shield wouldn't include every pocket monster, producer Junichi Masuda was forced to explain how part of this decision was tied to the fact the team was required to create much "higher quality" animations in the new the entry.

Now, though, a video (courtesy of u/MysticSong) has emerged online, comparing animations in the upcoming Switch release to the past 3DS entries, Pokémon Sun and Moon.

As noted by the source, it's not a good look for Game Freak – with the video displaying Wingull, Bunnelby, Machoke and Pikachu animated in the exact same way in the newer entries.

See for yourself:

Animations for Dynamax Pokémon have been used to argue against the belief there are recycled animations in the game, but are now also under fire after a fan (u/YukiiShiyoki) shared this clip, revealing these bigger animations have simply been slowed down. There's less to work with in this case, but the animations do appear to be very similar.

Most recently, The Pokémon Company published a statement on behalf of Masuda. In it, he said limiting the Pokédex was a "very difficult decision" to make and explained how creatures that didn't make the cut this time around would likely reappear in future entries.

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