You can always count on Metacritic’s user-review section to provide a bit of humour, stupidity, absolute nonsense, or often something that sits in between the three, and the user reviews for FIFA 20 on Switch are absolutely no different.

We’ve seen a few ‘review-bombing’ stories recently (where users flock to the site to pummel a game with negative scores to supposedly send a message), including the likes of Astral Chain just weeks ago and Pokémon Let’s Go last year. This time, FIFA appears to be suffering a similar fate with players feeling rather unhappy at EA’s decision to release the Switch version as a ‘Legacy Edition’.

Essentially, a Legacy Edition release of FIFA means that the new game is identical to FIFA 19 on Switch, but with updated player rosters, kits, and the like. We often see Legacy Editions arrive on older consoles, with EA presumably believing it to be unwise to spend resources on creating something new.

Here are just a few of the comments made by upset fans – at the time of writing, the game has 154 negative reviews and zero positive, giving it a user-review score of 0.1 / 10 and a status of "overwhelming dislike":

"its fifa 19 with new picture. im really disappointed. not even volta. shame on you ea"

"FIFA 20 = FIFA 19 with 'updated' skins. Please Konami, put PES on Switch, we're tired of EA bad treatment."

"EA continues to ignore feedback, make the same game again & again with minor changes and gives us unfinished games every year it has to stop."

Possibly our favourite is this user review, where the reviewer took the time to provide a small poem:

“Ea being lazy.
Ea being greedy.
Ea being the worst videogame company.
Ea being ea."

We’ll have our official verdict of FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch going up on the site shortly, so make sure to stick around to see our full thoughts. Update: And our full review is here! We're not impressed, either.