In the same Nintendo Life interview with the New Super Lucky's Tale development team, the game's creative director Dan Hurd revealed Playful was open to the idea of a sequel and even had some unused ideas he would like to put to use one day:

We even had some early prototypes where Lucky had like a companion character, there's something I would still like to do there at some point, I think we got too complicated with it, but there's a really cool opportunity for that if we go into like a sequel or something from this title and those are the types of things I immediately look to.

If a follow-up game was to go ahead, according to Dan it would have to "shake-up" the experience by offering something fundamentally new, rather than an experience that was more of the same:

How do we further refine the core of what we love about this, but really shake-up other pieces of that make it feel fresh and invigorating. I would probably like it a little less if it just didn't add that much to the core experience, cause then why am I spending time with it - I want our players to really experience something fundamentally new by the inclusion of that, so that's kind of the high bar we've set...for new moves or new characters, they kind of must add that breath of fresh air of the way you experience and approach the game.

To hear more about the Playful's new game and its experience developing for the Switch, be sure to view the full video above which goes for a whopping 18-minutes.

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