Update - Thu 28th Nov, 2019 07:20 GMT: The Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel has shared a "Mega Man Event Intro" video. It includes the backstory, a demonstration of Mega Man in battle and a brief look at Dr. Wily.

Original Story - Sun 24th Nov, 2019 10:30 GMT: Capcom's blue bomber Mega Man has most recently appeared in Nintendo's all-start fighting series Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and now he's teaming up with Cygames' mobile title, Dragalia Lost.

As publicised last month, a special Mega Man: Chaos Protocol event is taking place in the Nintendo mobile game. Dr. Wily has seized control of the Five Greatwyrms and it's your job to join forces with Mega Man to save the world of Dragalia Lost.

You can also "maximise your friendship" with Mega Man, allowing you to keep him as an ally. He comes with his old school animations as well, including the Mega Buster, Charge Shot, and trademark slide move. This event runs from 28th November until 15th December.

Below is additional information from the game's website and a promotional trailer:

Mega Man Dragalia Lost

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