We're so used to saying 'yes' to everything in video games – and life – that it's refreshing to hear that someone is actually making a game where the opposite objective is key.

Say No! More from Thunderful Publishing and Studio Fizbin is exactly that; it's a title "about defending yourself against mean colleagues and bosses while also discovering the power of friendship" says the PR, and it's coming to Switch and other formats in Summer 2020.

Described as a "one-button game", Say No! More places you in the role of a lowly office worker in a company run by arrogant bosses. After being bullied and pushed around, your character decides enough is enough and aims to say 'no' rather than 'yes' to the many tasks they are given.

You'll gain aid from The Coach, an expert in the art of saying no, and will be able to unlock songs which "help you grow a stronger, louder, and more significant No!" Say No! More is also coming to PC and iOS.