OW2 Blizzcon 2019 Render Hero Upgrades

BlizzCon 2019 has just kicked-off and as expected the company announced a cooperative, narrative-driven follow-up to its popular team-based hero shooter Overwatch. On top of a PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One announcement, the new entry has now also been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch 2 will see players become heroes once again as they participate in four-player co-op missions that challenge them to team up, power up and stand together against an overwhelming outbreak of threats across the globe. Here's some additional info from the PR about the new Story and Hero PvE missions:

As the story progresses, players will team up as different sets of heroes and fight to defend the world from the omnic forces of Null Sector, uncover the motives behind the robotic armies’ attacks, and come face-to-face with rising new threats around the globe.

The battle continues in Hero Missions, where the Overwatch team will be called upon to go beyond their limits as they deploy across the planet, defending cities against robot invasions, taking on elite Talon agents, and battling the villainous forces laying siege to the world. In this highly replayable mode, players can level up their favorite heroes and earn powerful customization options that supercharge their abilities in co-op play

The competitive aspects of the original title will make a return as well – with existing players' accomplishments and loot collections being carried across to Overwatch 2. The sequel includes the complete Overwatch roster, a new generation of heroes, new internationally recognizable maps to widen the scope of the world and a new 'Push' map type.

It's also been confirmed original Overwatch players will have access to all of the sequel's PvP content.

No release date has been announced just yet, so keep an eye out for this in the future.

Did you expect Overwatch 2 to make the jump across to Switch? Are you excited to fight together against the omnic forces of Null Sector? Tell us in the comments.