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Image: Nintendo Life

The Mega Drive Mini launches today in the UK and Europe, and we'd imagine that many of the people who pick up this excellent little micro-console will be wondering the same thing: why on earth did Sega bundle a three-button pad with a system that includes Street Fighter II?

If you're as puzzled as us by this choice, then you have two options. You can import the Japanese version as well, which includes a six-button controller, or you can take the cheaper route and invest in an additional pad. Retro-Bit does an excellent line in officially-licenced wired pads with six buttons, but accessory expert 8BitDo has produced what has to rank as the best interface option for Sega's dinky microsystem.

The M30 might seem familiar to Switch owners, because the company released a Bluetooth version a while back that is compatible with Nintendo's machine. However, a version is available which uses a 2.4g wireless signal that communicates with a tiny receiver which plugs into the USB controller port on the front of the Mega Drive (or Genesis) Mini.

The end result is complete control contentment. The M30 is a fantastic pad which is comfortable to use and boasts a marvellous rolling D-Pad and six-button setup (perfect for Street Fighter II). If you're picking up a Mega Drive Mini today or you already own one, then trust us: you need this pad in your life.

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