Terry Bogard

Nintendo has already said the next DLC fighter Terry Bogard will be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this November.

While there's no exact release date just yet for the star of the Fatal Fury series, the latest Sword-themed spirit event – starting this Friday – has an updated list of trademarks and one of them is for SNK Corporation. The previous events supposedly did not feature this trademark.

This discovery was made by the Twitter user @NintenZ and now has led to speculation that Terry might be released at the beginning of November. The last time Nintendo reminded us the SNK icon would be coming to Ultimate was earlier this month.

Sword Fighters Spirit Event
Image: GameXplain

If this is evidence of Terry arriving sooner, rather than later next month, it wouldn't be the first time the character has been caught out ahead of schedule. Prior to his official Direct reveal, the SNK trademark was spotted underneath Challenger Pack 4 on Nintendo's UK website.

What do you think? Could Terry be joining the battle a few days from now? Leave a comment down below.

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