Metroid Other M

Out of all of Samus Aran's amazing adventures, the Wii exclusive Metroid: Other M has to rank as the most divisive.

Much of the fan displeasure stems from the characterisation of Samus as a petulant soldier who veers from showcasing strong-willed, petulant behaviour to being crippled by anxiety. Given that Samus had previously been recognised as one of the galaxy's greatest and most determined bounty hunters in the likes of Metroid, Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, this portrayal didn't sit well with some fans.

Which is why one fan – Chaofanatic – has decided to 'fix' the game in a single cutscene. In it, we see Commander Adam Malkovich barking orders at Samus, who replies in the most perfect way possible. If you've lived through Other M's often challenging narrative, it should at least raise a wry smile.

While it's clearly meant as a light-hearted joke, would you like to see Other M's narrative turn out differently, or do you think it still stands up, almost a decade after release? Let us know with a comment.