Small typos and translation errors in games usually end up being either annoying or humorous, and this particular mistake falls very much into the latter category.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens - which is planned to release on Switch at some point in the future - is now available on iOS. While the English-language version appears to be just fine, the Italian version is said to be littered with small errors, including the absolute clanger seen in the image below. The word 'resume', meaning 'to continue', has been swapped out for 'Curriculum Vitae'.

Image: WayForward, via @FrancescoDonald

The image above has been shared online by @FrancescoDonald, who also supplied the image below suggesting that Google Translate was used for localisation. It appears that the development team went ahead with Google's suggestion, despite the fact that it was actually translating the other use of the spelling 'resume', the kind referring to a job application.

Image: @FrancescoDonald

Now that the error has been spotted, we'd hope that this will be fixed in time for the game's launch on Switch. We're sure someone will make a point of checking that out as soon as it arrives.

Of course, translation errors aren't actually that uncommon in games, especially when smaller titles are being developed on a tight budget. We still have nightmares about Vroom In The Night Sky to this day.