Back in March, WayFoward announced Shantae would be making a return "later this year" on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms. Tentatively titled Shantae 5, the new game has now been officially revealed as Shantae and the Seven Sirens.

This action-adventure-platformer sends the belly-dancing, hair-whipping, half-genie hero to a tropical island with her friends, where they encounter other half-genie allies. Everything appears to be fine until they discover there is trouble in paradise. Shantae gets caught up in the island's sinister secrets and learns all-new dancing abilities and "instant-transformation Fusion Magic" to explore this new non-linear inconnected world filled with towns, treacherous labyrinths, and dastardly bosses.

Interestingly, this entry will also include a collectible card system, granting players the freedom to augment Shantae's power to suit their own style of play. Below is a full list of key features:

  • Explore an interconnected world using new Fusion Magic creature transformations, including a newt and other aquatic forms!
  • 4K-resolution hand-painted visuals (on 4K devices only)!
  • All-new characters and returning favorites like Rottytops, Sky, Bolo, and the nefarious Risky Boots!
  • Collect and power up with monster cards!
  • Enjoy minigames, acquire magic and items, and uncover secrets!
  • Gorgeously animated TV-style cutscenes!

While we have some screenshots to share, unfortunately, there's no trailer, release date or price. Keep an eye out for all of this in the future.


Yesterday, WayForward announced Vitamin Connection exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. And earlier this week, we spoke to the director of River City Girls - a WayForward-developed title due out early next month.

Are you excited for Shantae's next adventure or any of the other upcoming WayForward games? Leave a comment below.