Each of the three houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses has its own set of dedicated, sometimes overly-passionate fans (we've all seen the fan art, you cheeky so-and-sos) and this love has also found its way to the game's supporting cast. Whoever you chose when the game first launched, there's sure to be a character or three you can relate to.

Back in August, just days after the game's release, Edelgard and The Black Eagles appeared to be the clear favourites among players. The house won our very own poll and - more conclusively - Edelgard topped the list of characters which had been used the most in battle, a stat which can be tracked using the game itself.

Now, though, there's a change in the air. Edelgard has tumbled down the popularity lists over the last few months, seemingly making way for a new favourite. So who is this fancy new winner? Why, it's none other than Dorothea, the acting and music-loving 18-year-old member of The Black Eagles.


Dorothea now leads the most-deployed chart in battle (as you can see in the image below) and she's also the most-used character for skill-raising events, second in the list of characters who have been sent gifts this month, and third in the list of those invited to intimate tea party conversations. It's a pretty strong overall performance and one which suggests the popularity contest is far from over.

Do you have a favourite character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Feel free to tell us who you like and don't like in the comments below.

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