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Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been out in the wild now for exactly one week, and the early consensus suggests that Edelgard and her house The Black Eagles are the most popular of the game's three options.

As you probably already know, the game tasks you with choosing one of three houses - The Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, or the Golden Deer - each of which come with their own leader. When the game launched, we hosted our own little poll to see how the Nintendo Life community were thinking of voting; after more than 5,000 votes at the time of writing, The Black Eagles are still in the lead.

The house isn't only the most popular here on this very site, though; an online feature within the game itself lets us see which in-game characters have been deployed the most in battle and the whole list is made up of characters from the Black Eagle house. Edelgard tops it - which is to be expected considering Black Eagle players sometimes have no option but to use her - but it clearly shows which house is dominating player votes.

Interestingly, the Golden Deer house isn't that far behind The Black Eagles in our poll - if you want to help out your particular house and haven't voted yet, feel free to go and do just that!