Kirby Cafe

This isn't the first bunch of menu items from one of Japan's pop-up cafes that we've laid our eyes on, and it certainly won't be the last, but this latest selection of cute Kirby cuisine has us wondering if there's not some sort of loophole we could use to get Just Eat to deliver these treats to our door.

As spotted by GoNintendo, Kirby Cafe Hakata is reopening in November and it has updated its website with a preview of all the various Kirby-based foodstuffs lucky diners can tuck into in just over a month's time. Some we've seen before, others are entirely new or offer variations on past dishes. Let's peruse some of the highlights...

You can stop dribbling now. The pop-up chain periodically closes and reappears with a revised menu, and as you can see, the Hakata branch has some decidedly tasty treats on offer - head to the website to check out the full list yourself. With several of the dishes, diners get to keep the Kirby-based cutlery and ceramic bits and bobs that accompany the grub.

Japan gets all the cool Kirby stuff. We're not jealous, honest. And if all that wasn't heart-wrenching enough, why not top it off with a look at this charming little Kirby Cafe animated video:

It's absolutely, 100%, definitely A Good Thing that these pop-up cafes are a Japan-only affair. Not only would our wallet surely take one hell of a beating, but our rippling gamer physique would take a turn for the rotund.

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