One of the new features in Pokémon Sword and Shield is the wild area. This makes up a sizable chunk of the game and connects up all the different areas and points of interest. Of course, you can also encounter wild Pokémon in this location.

While a number of presentations have already shown this open-world section, images of a poster featured on the cover of an upcoming CoroCoro Sword and Shield guidebook have recently emerged online, revealing the full scale of this area. The map also provides a better look at the diverse terrain – featuring lakes, grassy plains, and much more dry locations.

The cover of the CoroCoro guidebook
The cover of the CoroCoro guidebook (Image:
A close-up of the poster on the cover
A close-up of the poster on the cover (Image:

In addition to this, The Pokémon Secret Member Club (a special club exclusive to Japan) has shared video footage (dating back to Gamescom earlier this year) of the first town in Sword and Shield (thanks to for the upload):

Are you looking forward to exploring the wild area in Sword and Shield? What do you think of this map, as hard as some parts of it are to make out? Leave a comment below.