Nintendo really wants Mario Kart Tour on mobile to be a success when it launches later this month. In order to ensure it takes the lead on the mobile charts when it does arrive, the company has been promoting the game via social media with regular updates about the items, modes, and characters in the game.

Now, in an attempt to raise even more awareness, the Nintendo mobile channel on YouTube has uploaded a brief commercial, blending Mario Kart characters, enemies and items with real-life. It showcases the construction of the Tokyo Course in the game and features lots of Toad. Take a look at the video above.

Just yesterday, Nintendo revealed special bonus challenge courses would be included in the game. For example, there'll be a Glider Challenge. You can check out some footage in our previous post.

Are you eager to see what Mario Kart Tour is like when it races onto mobile devices later this month? Tell us down below.