Mario Kart Tour is just a couple of weeks away from racing onto our smartphones - in our case, it's patiently sitting in the preregistration pitlane as we speak - but we're still learning new and exciting things about it.

We recently learned that Mario Kart: Double Dash's special items are making a return, and that the internet-famous Peachette is making her karting debut, but now we've been treated to a small glimpse of what Nintendo is calling 'Bonus Challenge courses'. You can see a couple in action below.

Anyone old enough to have played Mario Kart DS - we can't believe we're saying that either, but it's already almost 14 years old! - might remember that game's Mission Mode. It appears that these bonus challenges could work in a similar way to that, but with new ideas using the series' freshest gizmos like gliders and such. We'd certainly be happy to see something like this make a return.

Mario Kart Tour is looking better and better each time we see it - let's just hope it plays well and doesn't get too bogged down with any frustrating free-to-play mechanics.

Will you be checking it out when it launches on 25th September? Tell us below.