Pokémon developer Game Freak has today shared a brand new trailer for Little Town Hero, its upcoming RPG previously known as 'Town'.

The game comes out on 16th October, releasing as a digital-only title that'll be available for $24.99. Considering we have less than a month before it's out, we're actually surprised that we haven't seen a whole lot more about the game, either through Direct-style presentations or even just across social media. We expected this to be something that Game Freak would be really shouting about, but perhaps not.

The last time we saw Little Town Hero was at the start of this month - when the name change was first revealed during a Nintendo Direct. If you missed it, a more in-depth video was shared at the time.

- A challenging battle system which relies heavily on coming up with new Ideas and strategies.
- Compact story progression designed with the busy gamer in mind.
- Soundtrack by Toby Fox, composer of the background music for UNDERTALE.

Here's hoping that the relative radio silence given to Little Town Hero is purely us overthinking things - we'll find out soon enough!

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Are you looking forward to this? Will you be grabbing it before Pokémon Sword and Shield arrive the following month? Tell us below.