We've had our eye on the upcoming RPG title from Pokémon developers Game Freak for a while now. It's finally got an official name, and it's the one that was hinted at a while back - Little Town Hero. While it's not a massive change from the working title of 'TOWN', it's certainly nice to know its real name, and nicer still to see that it's arriving soon on 16th October.

The latest Nintendo Direct revealed a couple more details of this intriguing game, including 'ideas-based combat' (no, this doesn't involve lobbing light bulbs at your opponents) and the slightly ominous mantra of the townsfolk: "Never leave town". Gulp.

As an RPG, the game seems to trade in a similar brand of turn-based combat to the Pokémon titles Game Freak made its name with, although with apparently smaller scale, small-town happenings as you take control of a boy named Axe and protect your hamlet from encroaching monsters. It was also revealed that most of the music in the game has been composed by Undertale creator Toby Fox.

The game is coming to Switch on 16th October and it's up on the eShop at this very moment if you wish to pre-purchase and pre-load it immediately.

Someone said you can't kill an idea, so it must be the perfect thing to deploy in a battle. What's your take in this ideas-based combat system? Will you be pre-ordering Game Freak's latest before Pokémon Sword and Shield hit in November? Let us know below.