One other game fighting for your attention on the Switch this week is Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. It was originally released as a PlayStation title in 1999 and the new version is now available on multiple platforms including the Switch.

So, how does the remaster compare to the original? The experts over at Digital Foundry had a look at this latest iteration, as handled by Dotemu and Access Games. As thrilling as its return is, it's not everything it could be based on closer inspection of the PS4 release. The remaster takes steps in the right direction but also takes a few steps back when compared to the PlayStation original.

There are three major advantages if you opt with the remaster. High-definition reworks of all the character models in the game, boosters – to speed up the gameplay, turn off random encounters and increase HP and limit breaks – and enhanced resolution, although the frame rate isn't quite up to scratch. Get the full rundown in the video above.

Be sure to check the Nintendo Life review of the Switch version, which we said was a "fun and enjoyable romp through the weirder side" of the Final Fantasy series, that was once again bolstered by the HD presentation and inclusion of helpful quality of life features.

How has your experience with Final Fantasy VIII Remastered been so far? Leave a comment below.