If you thought a "whipped cream" Pokémon was the weirdest possible addition to the Galar region's Pokédex, you were clearly mistaken. In the most recent Nintendo Direct, Game Freak introduced two brand-new Pokémon for your battling (or drinking) pleasure: Cramorant, and Polteageist (the latter of which is apparently "made of tea").

At first glance, Polteageist seems innocent enough - sporting a cracked, decorative teapot as armour. Then, they tell us:

Polteageist is a Ghost type Pokémon that usually makes its home by hiding amongst dishes at hotels & restaurants. Since its body is made of tea, you may even be able to have a taste. Be careful, too much and you might not feel so well!

We aren't even really sure what to say about this. Moving on.

There was a second new Pokémon introduced as well - Cramorant, the "Gulp Pokémon":

Cramorant is a Flying & Water type Pokémon that will swallow absolutely anything that looks hearty enough. It also has its own exclusively ability, Gulp Missile. Watch it use Surf or Dive in battle as it rises from the water, along with its catch.


However, still stunned by the barbaric suggestion of drinking the previously presented Pokémon, most of us paid little attention to this clumsy, forgetful seagull.

For whatever reason, Game Freak appears quite intent on making many Galar Pokémon edible - a topic they've innocently danced around in the past. Fans may be in for a much darker generation of games this time around.

For those still not put off their lunch by these latest Pokédex additions, we'll see you back here for the November 15th release date - anxiously hoping none of the other Pokémon get eaten (please, no Roasted Scorbunny).

Would you drink a Pokémon? That's it, that's the only question that could rightly be asked here. Let us know in the comments below.

[source swordshield.pokemon.com]