Image: PlatinumGames

Update (23rd Sep, 15:15 BST): And just days later, it appears that Kamiya's record has been broken. He's since shared the following message to Twitter:

Translation by Nintendo Soup: “My Ninja-kun score has already been overtaken...”

Original Article (19th Sep, 10:00 BST): PlatinumGames board member and director Hideki Kamiya has added yet another illustrious title to his name, this time as a Guinness World Record holder.

The video game legend and Twitter-blocking extraordinaire has managed to accumulate 158,680 points in Arcade Archives Ninja-Kid's Caravan mode, earning himself the award pictured below. PlatinumGames has encouraged fans to have a go at beating it themselves, although that's no small feat.

Ninja-Kid is an action game that was originally released back in 1984, but you can find it on the Switch eShop as part of the aforementioned Arcade Archives range. In the game, players must jump up and down from the platforms seen on screen, avoiding enemy attacks while trying to eliminate them using your shuriken.

If you're interested in learning more, make sure to check out our full review of the game right here.

Think you've got what it takes to beat him?

[source twitter.com, via nintendoenthusiast.com]