Switch Lite

It has been revealed that the Nintendo Switch Lite will make use of ACCESS' NetFront Browser NX to handle its online needs, continuing a partnership between Nintendo and ACCESS which has been going strong for almost a decade.

According to a press release announcing the partnership, the browser component will be used for purposes such as linking up your Nintendo Account, using the Nintendo eShop, and posting screenshots to social media. We explored it in a little more detail when the original Switch first arrived on the scene (as it uses the same tech) but here's a quick description of how it all works, taken from an older press release:

"NetFront Browser NX is a WebKit-based browser component that features ultra-low levels of memory usage, enabled by ACCESS' unique technology that improves memory usage efficiency and ensures powerful rendering on a variety of devices and operating systems. The browser supports the latest Web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, Gamepad API, WebP, WebSocket, HTTP Cache. In addition, using proprietary expansion spatial navigation technology, it enables smooth movement controlled by the arrow keys, maximises the usability of directional keypads on game controllers and more. NetFront Browser NX is deployed in a wide variety of devices including Nintendo game consoles, TVs, and in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI) that are shipped globally."

ACCESS' NetFront Browser has been used in Nintendo consoles for years now, including the Switch, Wii U, and even the 3DS dating back to 2011. It's also worth noting that the 'NX' part has nothing to do with the Switch's old code name, and is purely a coincidence.

So what does this actually mean for us as consumers? Well, essentially just that everything will be running exactly as you'd expect, with all of the online services mentioned above being handled in the same way as before.

At least we know it's in safe hands.

[source nikkei.com]