Spicy Sausage Curry

Among the plethora of announcements made in today's Nintendo Direct were quite a few updates regarding Pokémon Sword and Shield - including character customisations, camps, and... curry rice?

Yes, Game Freak have finally answered the prayers of their hungry fanbase and included that long-sought-after gameplay element - cooking! - to the series (we're actually quite intrigued, to be honest). According to Nintendo, trainers will be able to:

...Cook a well know Galar region dish: Curry Rice. The result of your Curry Rice will depend on the ingredients you use. With more than 100 types, each one you cook will end up in your Curry Dex! Cook them all to be a Curry Master!

Aside from this spicy announcement, we were also provided some details on the depth of character customisation available to players - including interchangeable tops, bottoms, outerwear, gloves, hairstyles and makeup.

This is the most expansive list of character customization options yet in the Pokémon series, and it looks to be heavily influenced by styles found in the region of Galar's inspiration: the United Kingdom. A visit to one of various shops or salons around Galar will provide players choices from the new design options, of which there will likely be infinite combinations.

Curry Rice Recipes

As you travel, you’ll come across boutiques and hair salons. By visiting them, you can buy new clothes for yourself or change your hairstyle to freshen things up! There are plenty of different clothing items, hairstyles, and even makeup options, so try out different combinations and show the entire Galar region your favorite look!

We know what you're thinking: "But where in the game will you be able to both cook this delicious curry rice, and show off your new styles?!" At your own fancy little Pokémon Camp, of course:

While adventuring through the Galar region in #PokemonSwordShield, you can camp anytime at Pokémon Camp. Watch your Pokémon mingle, as their friendship grows deeper they’ll improve in battle! You can also visit other players’ camps too and hang out with up to 4 players!

You can enjoy a Pokémon Camp almost anywhere anytime you’re exploring in the Galar region! If you ever feel like spending some time with the Pokémon in your party or cooking up a nice meal with them, then there’s no need to hesitate—in many cases, you can just set up camp right then and there!

Clothing Customisation

Now the real question is: will we be able to decorate the insides of our camp tents?

While some of these announcements seemed a bit off the wall, the Pokémon Camp and Curry Rice features specifically harken back to some fan favorite gameplay elements of yore: namely, Secret Bases and Berry Blending Pokéblocks - both introduced in Ruby and Sapphire.

For those who missed out on those quirky Hoenn side hustles - growing and collecting berries to blend into homemade candies for their Pokémon; finding the most secret of secret locations for your own private hideout; buying furniture and decorations to turn it into an informal gym for battles against friends; trying to untangle your Game Link Cable long enough to do anything - we're hoping the new (wireless) versions of these quests will delight players as much as they did in previous titles.

Pokemon Camp

Are you excited about these new developments? Did you take advantage of side quests like Secret Bases in previous games? Do you enjoy curry rice?! Let us know in the comments below.

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