Billy Mitchell

The one and only Billy Mitchell – best known for claiming high-scores in arcade games like Donkey Kong and then being officially stripped of the records – is reportedly threatening to take legal action against the sanctioning bodies Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records.

Polygon reveals Mitchell's lawyers earlier this week sent a letter to both parties demanding they "retract their claims" against the King of Kong star and restore his scores to the world record leaderboards.

This all stems from a three-month investigation accusing Mitchell of using emulation to achieve his high-scores and resulted in his long-time rival Steve Wiebe being recognised as the first million point record holder in Donkey Kong.

The legal letter states Mitchell was defamed by Twin Galaxies in the findings and in the posts on the organisation's website. During this period, Twin Galaxies also wiped records that were reportedly not in question and banned Mitchell from competing in future leaderboards. One of these was a perfect score in PAC-MAN.

It's also mentioned how Twin Galaxies allegedly did not give Billy Mitchell a "fair opportunity to provide evidence" or prove his innocence during this period and Guinness "never conducted an investigation" into the PAC-MAN records. This letter can be viewed over on the speedrun subreddit and comes attached with a "156-page" package of materials defending him.

Guinness and Twin Galaxies have been given two weeks to issue a retraction, or further legal action will be taken. Mitchell's attorneys also want Guinness to conduct its own separate investigation.

Since losing his records, the King of Kong has even gone to the extent of live-streaming his million point games, including one run he did in November last year.