Hot Sauce

After the apparent fall from grace, 'video game player of the century' Billy Mitchell has been live streaming arcade gameplay sessions of Donkey Kong on Twitch. His latest effort was different from the regular broadcasts. In Billy's own words:

While that impressive high score is still not enough to claim the crown of King of Kong once again (currently Robbie Lakeman still sits on top with an amazing 1,247,700 high score run made back in February) it does prove Billy's talent and goes some way to answering accusations of having never achieved the high scores that were removed from Twin Galaxies. We will keep on reporting developments as they happen regarding this latest twist in the never ending King of Kong saga.

What do you think of Billy's claim of innocence now? Should Twin Galaxies reinstate Billy's past scores? Are YOU the next 'King of Kong'? Type in your non-MAME emulated replies in the comments section below.

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