Maximum Games has revealed that Beast Quest, the video game based on Working Partners' best-selling book series, will be launching on Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

The game was developed by Torus Games and is heavily inspired by the universe found within the books. It is said to take players on an "epic" journey to save the mythical land of Avantia from ruin, with open-level design offering plenty of opportunities to take on quests, discover secrets, and gather powerful upgrades.

"Dark magic has corrupted the towering, noble creatures of the realm, which players must overcome in action-packed boss battles – dodging, blocking and countering attacks while chaining combos and unleashing allies to turn the tide of combat."

Our friends over at Push Square reviewed the game when it launched on PS4 last year. It's pretty safe to say they weren't impressed:

Beast Quest feels unfinished. Its graphical presentation is put to shame by many PS3 titles, and we’re absolutely baffled how the experience doesn’t even manage to run at a consistent framerate on the PS4 Pro. But even if these two aspects were up to snuff, the gameplay and plot are still below average. Beast Quest has very little to offer to even the most die-hard fans of the book series, and everyone else is advised to steer well clear.

We certainly hope that some significant improvements have found their way to the Switch version after reading that. It'll be available to download from the Switch eShop tomorrow and will also be arriving physically later in the year.

Are you a fan of the books? Are you put off by the disappointing PS4 version, or will you be giving it a go regardless? Let us know with a comment below.