Yacht Club Games

The face of indie games – Shovel Knight – was oddly missing from Nintendo's Indie World Showcase earlier this week. Thankfully, Yacht Club Games has a "treasure trove" of news to share about him, next week, on 28th August.

Yes, it's got so much news to share, it has decided to broadcast its very own video presentation on YouTube and Twitch.tv. The YouTube page is already up, and at the time of writing, goes live in approximately four days.

What exactly can we expect from this presentation? If the wording is anything to go by, obviously there will be some Shovel Knight news. In terms of other Yacht Club Games projects, perhaps we'll get some more information about the 8-bit ninja platformer, Cyber Shadow. Could the Shovel Knight board game even get a mention? We'll just have to wait and see!

What are you expecting from this presentation? Leave a comment down below.

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