Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have officially revealed Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, an update to Warriors Orochi 4 which brings new content for players to enjoy.

The new game will be launching in February 2020 as a standalone title, or as a special 'Upgrade Pack' for those who already own the base game. The teaser trailer above doesn't really give us much to go on, but the new release is said to bring new characters, new storylines, and a new ‘True Ending'. Fans of the game will no doubt be pleased to hear that the already ridiculous roster of 170 playable characters has grown to 177, including the Mother Earth goddess, Gaia.

New games modes will be included, too, such as Infinity Mode which comes with multi-layered maps, and you'll also come across new magical abilities and Sacred Treasures. We weren't quite blown away with Warriors Orochi 4 when we played it for review, so hopefully these new additions can help to give it just a little more 'oomph'.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Will you be upgrading? Or perhaps this new release has convinced you to give the game a go for the first time? Tell us below.