Following a leak earlier today (through the thumbnail of the official YouTube trailer, no less), Warner Bros. has posted the full line up for its DLC Kombat Pack for Mortal Kombat 11, confirming the release timing for all characters. None of them are a surprise, having been previously announced (or datamined), but you can see them posing in the above trailer.

Both Shang Tsung and Nightwolf are already available, either separately for $5.99 each or as part of the $39.99 pack of all six characters. The Terminator (Arnie in Terminator: Dark Fate mode) is dropping on 8th October followed by Sindel on 26th November. After the New Year we'll then see Joker (who's apparently gone to a better plastic surgeon than he went to originally) on 28th January before Todd McFarlane's Spawn lands on 17 March. As the trailer states, the pack comes with skin and gear for each character, plus 19 additional skins.


While none of these were unknown, it's fun to see such a motley line up of pop culture icons sharing a 'stage'. We're sure this rendition of Joker is supposed to echo Joaquin Phoenix's take on the iconic character in the upcoming movie, although he's looking a little too clean-cut if you ask us.

Will you be pikking up any or all of these DLK kharakters when they release? How's MK11 holding up at the moment on your favourite handheld hybrid konsole? Share your thoughts below with a komment.